Symposium submission

April 1

Deadline for submitting symposium proposals.

General regulations


  • Scientific symposium organized by public entities and academia 1500 USD
  • Scientific symposium organized by foundations and similar entities 2300 USD
  • Scientific symposium organized by private entities 3800 USD

Duration: 90 min

Registrations: the price indicated above includes registrations for the 3 speakers and 1 moderator

Symposium proposals must be sent through the platform where you will have to complete the following sections:

  • Type of Symposium
  • Theme
  • Entity
  • Objectives of the Symposium
  • Target audience of the Symposium
  • Summary / Factors that explain the importance of the Symposium
  • Moderator
  • Speakers

No proposal sent by any means other than the official one through this page will be accepted.

Proposals will be accepted in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Thematic areas

The organizing entity must select one of the 4 thematic areas of the FINUT 2024 Conference

  • Methods and tools in Nutrition
  • Healthy nutrition in the life cycle and Clinical Nutrition
  • Nutritional epidemiology and challenges of Public Health in Latin America
  • Safe, healthy, sustainable and social food

Note: to see more details and examples of the thematic areas, you can see the Thematic Areas section in this menu.

The expenses related to the participation of the speakers (registration, accommodation and travel) will be the responsibility of the organizing entity. The session will be included in the Scientific Program with the name of the organizing entity/ies.

Symposium Submission Instructions
  • Rellene el Formulario de registro en la plataforma. Recibirá una contraseña por email para acceder a la plataforma.
  • Acceda a ella y diríjase a “Enviar simposio”. Una vez dentro haga clic en “Nuevo Simposio”.
  • Se abrirá un formulario, rellene los diferentes apartados y adjunte su trabajo. Haga clic en “Crear”.
  • El Comité Organizador se pondrá en contacto para resolver sobre la aceptación el simposio

The organizing entity must carefully read your work before sending it.

Once you have read the shipping instructions and registered on the platform, use this button to access