Sending Communications

April 25, 2024

Abstract submission deadline.

No abstract sent by any means other than the official one through this page will be accepted.

Thematic areas

The author must select one of the 4 thematic areas of the FINUT 2020 Conference so that the Scientific Committee can assign it in accordance with those requested by the author; However, the Committee may consider that the work is more suited to a thematic area other than the one proposed. The thematic areas are:

  • Methods and tools in Nutrition
  • Healthy nutrition in the life cycle and Clinical Nutrition
  • Nutritional epidemiology and challenges of Public Health in Latin America
  • Safe, healthy, sustainable and social food

Note: to see more details and examples of the thematic areas, you can see the Thematic Areas section in this menu.

General regulations
  • Abstracts will be accepted in Spanish, Portuguese and English. However, in addition to the original language, all works must be sent in their English version in the template provided with specific instructions in order to be published in an indexed scientific journal.
  • At least one of the authors of the work must be registered at the FINUT 2024 Conference, for the abstract to be presented either as a poster or as an oral presentation. The presenting author must register before July 12, 2024 to guarantee that the abstract will be included in the publication of the Conference abstracts.
  • The work can list a maximum of 10 authors, including the author who presents it at the Conference.
  • One person can present a maximum of 2 works at the event.
  • The email address is essential to receive information about each summary.
  • All works may be modified until April 25, 2024, the deadline by which the work must be definitively sent. Any modification will be made from the personal portal for submitting abstracts.
  • Sending abstracts of a work that has already been published is not permitted. If the data presented are additional to a published study, the data may be accepted.
  • Submission of a free work implies authorization by its author for said work to be published in the Book of Abstracts of the FINUT 2024 Conference.
  • The presenting author undertakes to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of said work before sending it to the Organizing Agency.
  • Authors must report any conflict of interest in the abstract submission form.
  • Authors can request the presentation of their work orally or on a poster; However, the committee will decide the presentation format and will request it from the author.
  • Information on the acceptance of the works will be provided before June 7, 2024 and in accordance with the date of receipt of the works, via email.
  • The Scientific Committee reserves the right to reject a summary for not adapting to the general regulations.
  • It is important that, with the knowledge that their works will be published, the authors pay special attention, in addition to their scientific quality, to their grammatical and spelling quality.

The abstract should have a maximum of 350 words from the introduction to the keywords.

Title: Maximum of 30 words, it must be written only with a capital initial letter and, if proper names are included within the text of the title, these must also be written with a capital initial letter; If it contains abbreviations, they must be standard type.

Content: The summary must include the following sections:

  • Background and objective
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  • Conflict of interest
  • Keywords
Shipping instructions
  • Fill out the Platform registration form. You will receive a password by email to access the platform.
  • Access it and go to "Send communications". Remember to have downloaded the template with instructions on how to make your summary. Once inside click on "New communication"
  • A form will open, fill out the different sections and attach your work. Click “Create”.
  • The Scientific Committee will send you the final resolution via email on June 7, 2024.

The author must carefully read his/her work before sending it.

Once you have read the shipping instructions and registered on the platform, use this button to access.